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Cultura Italiana

Cultura Italiana

Website - VideoVia Castiglione, 4 - 40124 Bologna (BO) - Phone +39 051 228003 - Fax +39 051 227675

1 lesson: 50 minutes
Maximum students per class: 12
Books and/or didactic materials: free
Level test: first day
Registration fee: free
Accommodation service: free
Wi-Fi: Yes

Learn Italian in Italy. In Bologna, far away from mass tourism! At Cultura Italiana, immerse yourself in an authentic Italian-only-environment beyond just studying the usual syllabus in multi-language schools for tourists.

Our teachers are professionals with decades of experience in teaching Italian as a second language. A lesson in Cultura Italiana is an education project with clear objectives in student progression. The teacher revolves around the class, but the lesson is addressed to each individual member in the class. Cultura Italiana does not impose an "ideal method" for learning Italian to all.

The teachers are always available to meet the practical needs of the students. We provide the best linguistic tools immediately, to each participant to communicate in restaurants and shops with Italian people. The ability to speak, understand, read and write straight away is useful. After two weeks a European-beginner level student can already understand and be understood in simple everyday Italian conversations; an intermediate and advanced-level student at Cultura Italiana will extend their capabilities for example, learning to express the same concept in many different ways, strengthening the accuracy and use of grammar, learning vocabulary of different sectors.

Bologna is a magnificent medieval city, famous for high-tech mechanics (Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati and Ferrari's components, packaging), fashion production and its fine cuisine. Bologna is not yet discovered by mass tourism. The majority of Italians would like to live in Bologna for the quality of life, the full, intense cultural offering, social life, the excellent restaurants, osterie, the theatre, musical productions, concerts, the nightlife and for the hundred thousands of students studying at the oldest university in Europe. In our Italian courses you will learn Italian with the help of our professional and friendly teachers with experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

We co-operate in the educational research with Bologna University, the first University in Europe established in 1088. Students will learn how to communicate effectively. Particular care will be given to language to support good comprehension and expression of Italian. Our courses are intensive and each student is expected to do about 2 hours’ homework per day. This may be done at home or at school.

The students are divided into 8 Levels according to their knowledge and ability of the language: Basic (A1 (Basic) and A2 (Basic 2) - 1st and 2nd part), Intermediate (B1 (Intermediate 1) and B2 (Intermediate 2) - 1st and 2nd part), Advanced (C1 (Advanced 1) and C2 (Advanced 2).

Programme of activities after school
The aim of our various activities is to facilitate and encourage contact between the participants on the course and their Italian environment, and to provide a general understanding of Italy’s past and present. The first part of the program is specifically designed for the special interest of every student. For example, a doctor, an architect or a teacher can meet an Italian colleague at work. The second part is a selection of activities which follow four general topics: Bologna city - Art, History and Music - Nature - Current events.

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