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Studio Italiano Tropea - Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana

Studio Italiano Tropea - Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana

Website - Video - Photo gallery - Brochure - LAST MINUTE - NEWSVia Vittorio Veneto, 43 - 89861 Tropea (VV) - Phone +39 0963607248 - Fax +39 0963607248

1 lesson: 55 minutes
Maximum students per class: 6
Books and/or didactic materials: extra fee
Level test: on-line and/or first day
Registration fee: 50 €
Accommodation service: free
Wi-Fi: Yes

Founded in 2001, Studio Italiano is located in the heart of Tropea, few steps from the old Town and from the spectacular white sand beaches.

The courses choice is flexible and diversified: standard group courses, individual customized or "two-in-one" lessons, training courses for CILS exams, summer or long-term courses, sectorial courses (technical communication for management, italian literature, mediterranean cooking).

The teaching method has as purpose the acquisition of the four basic language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking), as outlined by the Europe Council in Common European Framework of Reference. The classes consist in a small groups (3-6 participants) to facilitate the active participation of all students and encourage a work atmosphere pleasant and informal. The primary objective is promote a full immersion in the Italian lifestyle, where language learning becomes just a part of the enjoyment.

Why Studio Italiano? What sets us apart from other italian language schools?

Our students say the following:
"I studied in Genova at another language school, but it was entirely different. It lacked not only the family atmosphere, but the resources of Studio Italiano. I really appreciated the selection of books, movies, and music I was able to borrow to study in my free time. The teachers were friendly outside of the classroom and helped me to feel comfortable far from home."

"My Italian teacher back in the USA is so formal. It was great going out to dinner with you [Nicola], Claudia, Antonella, and Francesca. I like that Alessia took her breaks with us at the café and that Antonio was always around the Beach willing to offer extra-help or just a laugh."
Emily and Annette

"Thank you for accommodating all of our requests! The transfer service was great, and I particularly enjoyed the boat trip we took to Capo Vaticano. If only I could have fit more Calabrian wines in my luggage!! We will see you next Spring!"

"I wasn't sure I'd have any success in learning a new language, but it came so easy to me at Villa Dante. I believe it is your passion & pride that makes Studio Italiano so special. Thank you for opening up a whole new (bilingual!) world to me."

"After the first lesson, I felt that the class could move more quickly for me but was too shy to say anything. I was surprised that the teacher noticed this and spoke directly with the director. Within the hour the class of 5 was split up to ensure each student got the most out of it. I couldn't believe I was getting lessons with just one other student, right at my level, and that I did not have to pay any more or make any complaint. Francesca was so sweet and helpful. I feel so lucky to have found Studio Italiano, truly. Everyone is there to make sure you get more than you bargained for."

Other things...
Tropeans are a friendly, open, and engaging people. They are a priceless benefit of the Studio Italiano experience. While our staff is multilingual, studying in a small town like Tropea ensures the signs you read and the services you use will be offered in Italian (unlike in the major cities of Italy). We offer our students the opportunity to gain a fluency available solely through a real immersion in the Italian language.

Truly incredible teachers, an average class size of 4 (and never more than 6), a great director, free internet & access to a reading/movie library with over 50 dvds and over 100 books plus magazines and cds, a short walk to some of the most beautiful beach in Europe - and to some of the best food you will ever eat with the super cooking classes and wine tasting… Studio Italiano is a school apart.

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April 06, 2021
Tropea is in the running for "borgo dei borghi - the great challenge 2021" contest. The VIII° edition of the successful RAI tv show has begun, allowing viewers to discover the most beautiful places.

April 06, 2021
Our city, the "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian", gets back in the running, winning as "borgo dei borghi", a title awarded every year by Rai3 in relation to its television competition.


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