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Italian Virtual School

Centro Italiano di Cultura Fabrizio de Andrč

Website - Photo gallery - BrochurePiazza Eroi Sanremesi 26 - 18038 Sanremo (IM) - Phone +393385272664

1 lesson: 45 minutes
Maximum students per class: 8
Books and/or didactic materials: free
Level test: on-line
Registration fee: free
Wi-Fi: No


The Cultural Centre of Fabrizio de André was opened in 2011 in the city of Sanremo, Italy. Nowadays it is a school of the Italian language chain with a unique communicative methodology of teaching Italian language as a foreign language. Our language programs are used by students all over the world!

We we're the first in Italy to develop the program which allows you not to swot from the book, but to take part in master classes and meetings with the Italians, through memorizing 90% of the material and diving into the culture by 100%. Our school in Sanremo has already helped more than 2000 students to speak the language of Dante

- Our courses start every monday. You can study as long as you want, from 1 week to long length courses. In case of long time course we will agree with you the best schedule.

- Every level is disposal! Since you are studying alone or in a group, we will be very attend to put you in a group that fits you in the best way.

- Small groups. We guarantee that the maximum number of students per group is 8 person, min. 4. This will make easier the path of learning.

- Professional materials: we chosen all studying materials with care, to offer you the best way to learn. We proudly use communicative way of learning.

- the "A team" work with us: we don't hire just mother tongue but we select with care our coworkers. All our teachers have university degree and master DITALS that proof the highest competence in teaching Italian language.

- Learn in the school - doesn't mean that we will sit just in the school. We selected every day an activity outside and Sanremo is the perfect place to reach, in a few minutes, other Countries like Monaco and France with our excursions.


- You are in love with Italy;

- You understand that the best way to learn foreign language is to do it in the country where it is spoken;

- You like to experiment and learn something new;

- You want to experience the real Italy!


We created a special course called "grammatica e pratica" where every day you get 2 hours grammar lesson and 2 (and more) outside practice through professional activities prepared in the classroom with your teacher. This was designed following Edgar Dale's studies and give you the possibility to remember up to 90 %!

You already studied the Italian language? With us you will speak it !


Our center won in 2011 the "special prize Edilingua"


From 2014 our small school in Sanremo became official branch of the University of Siena after a very severe control of methods, teachers and qualifications. We are now the only center in the whole province able to certificate the Italian language through the CILS international Certificate.


The best way to live the Italian way and speak the Italian language at the maximum level is, for sure, to make yourselves Italians even if just for 2 weeks. What is better than live with an authentic young family for 2 weeks? You will speak daily with your host, participate in many activities they will propose, eat with them and so on. We know very well all the family we cooperate with and we can say that the % of satisfaction of all students is 100 %. Living with an Italian family is a wonderful way to share different cultures and habits.

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Centro Italiano di Cultura Fabrizio de Andrč
Francesco Grasso - Rocco Rossitto | P.I. 04669890875