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Centro Internazionale di Lingue Felsineo

Centro Internazionale di Lingue Felsineo

WebsiteVia San Felice, 26 - 40122 Bologna (BO) - Phone +39 051 19984026 - Fax +39 051 0403626

1 lesson: 120 minutes
Maximum students per class: 8
Books and/or didactic materials: free
Level test: on-line and/or first day
Registration fee: 60 €
Accommodation service: free
Wi-Fi: Yes

Located in a historical building in the city centre of Bologna, the International Centre for Languages Felsineo (CILF) is a language school specialised in teaching Italian language. The medieval town of Bologna is home to the oldest university in Europe, Alma Mater Studiorum, founded in 1088. Together with the city, CILF promotes a multicultural and friendly learning environment, offering a wide range of both classroom and extracurricular activities.

The school is located in the heart of the city, close to all local amenities and attractions: restaurants, museums, monuments, libraries, shops. The school organises different activities to enjoy the city as locals, learn Italian, make new friends and get to know the history of the city and the country.

The school offers a wide range of courses:

  • Group courses (4-9 students per group)
  • Small course. From Monday to Friday. 2 days per week / 2 hours per day. Grammar and conversation.
  • Semi- intensive course. From Monday to Friday. 5 days a week / 2 hours per day. Grammar and conversation.
  • Intensive course. From Monday to Friday. 5 days per week/ 4 hours per day. Grammar and conversation.
  • Personalised courses.
  • One to One course. The course times are scheduled upon agreement with the students.

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