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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Milano


WebsiteVia Guarducci, 40 - 40128 Bologna (BO) - Phone 051325321

1 lesson: 60 minutes
Maximum students per class: 1
Books and/or didactic materials: free
Level test: first day
Registration fee: free
Accommodation service: free
Wi-Fi: Yes

Bolognalingua is not a typical school, but a small association of experienced teachers who organize one-on-one Italian courses at their homes in Bologna. This is the ideal formula for those who wish to get the most from a short period of language learning without having to attend exhausting full immersion courses in schools where there are inveitably going to be other students who speak your language.

Studying a foreign Language abroad is an absorbing, complex experience. It involves not only mastering new words but also gaining a deeper understanding of the culture in which the language is rooted. To achieve this goal our teachers (all university graduates) devote all their enthousiam, their skill at communiction and a sens of humor which makes for a relaxed study environment .

All our standard courses are self tailored and they are held in the house of the teachers in Bologna or -when possibile - in the student's apartment. They usually start on Monday and finish on Friday and include individual lessons during the morning and optional activities in the afternoons. Specail programs can be organized also during the week ends.

Different afternoon acivities are possibile as a walk in Bologna city center, cooking lessons, other trips to Ferrara, Modena (Aceto Balsamico and Parmigiano factories), to Faenza (Sangiovese Winery), to Ravenna (ancient mosaics) etc.

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